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Formal Name 1-​(4-chlorophenyl)-​2-​(methylamino)-​1-​propanone,​ monohydrochloride
  • Clephedrone
  • 4-CMC
Molecular Formula C10H12ClNO • HCl
Mollar mass
197.66 g/mol
Purity >98%
Formulation A crystalline solid


Produkt dostępny w formie kryształów od 1-50mm. Wielkość kryształów umieszczanych do zamówienia wybierana jest w sposób losowy.

4-CMC is supplied as a crystalline solid. A stock solution may be made by dissolving  the 4-CMC (hydrochloride) in the solvent of choice. 4-CMC (hydrochloride) is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, DMSO, and dimethyl formamide (DMF), which should be purged with an inert gas. The solubility of 4-CMC (hydrochloride) in ethanol and DMF is approximately 5 mg/ml and approximately 10 mg/ml in DMSO.

Further  dilutions  of  the  stock  solution  into  aqueous  buffers or isotonic saline should be made prior to performing biological experiments. Ensure that the  residual amount of organic solven  is insignificant, since organic solvents may have physiological effects at low concentrations. Organic solvent-free aqueous solutions of 4-CMC (hydrochloride) can be  prepared by directly dissolving the crystalline solid in aqueous buffers. The solubility of 4-CMC (hydrochloride) in PBS, pH 7.2, is approximately 5 mg/ml. We do not recommend storing the aqueous solution for more than one day.

4-CMC is an analog of methcathinone that has a chlorine atom inserted at the 4 position of the phenyl ring. While the physiological and toxicological properties of this compound are not known, a similar compound, 4-bromomethcathinone inhibits norepinephrine reuptake, like methcathinone, but fails to stimulate spontaneous locomotor activity in rats. This product is intended for forensic and research applications.